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Art of Kees van Dongen (1877-1968)

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Kees van Dongen
[Dutch Fauvist Painter, 1877-1968]

Kees van Dongen, Jeanne-Robert de Domecy

Jeanne-Robert de Domecy, circa 1907- 1909
Oil on Canvas


Lady in a Black Hat, 1908

Kees van Dongen, Jeune Arabe

Oil on Canvas

Kees van Dongen, L’Arum

Oil on Canvas

Kees van Dongen, L'Écharpe


Kees van Dongen, Madame X

Lithograph in Color

Kees van Dongen, L'Espagnole

Lithograph in Color

Kees van Dongen, Place Pigalle

Place Pigalle, circa 1950

Kees van Dongen, Brigitte Bardot-Large Size Version

Lithograph in Colors

Kees van Dongen, Place Vendôme

Lithograph in Color

Kees van Dongen, Two Resting Men

Two Resting Man  (no date)
Charcoal and Pencil Drawing on Paper

Kees van Dongen, Femme avec Chapeau Rouge

Lithograph colored with Aquarelle

Kees van Dongen Biography:

1877 - Born January 1st in Delfshaven near Rotterdam.

1895 - Studied at Academy of Fine Arts, Rotterdam.

1897 - Moved to Paris and worked as an illustrator for "Revoue Blanche" and "L'assiette au Beurre."

1903 - Exhibited his works publicly for the first time, and later he showed with Matisse in the Vollard Gallery

1905 - Became associated with the Fauves.

1908 - Became a member of the group of German Expressionists "Die Brücke" (the Bridge).

1968 - Died May 28 in Monte Carlo

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