Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Picasso: Ceramics, 1952 - 1964

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Face Tankard
Painted Ceramic

Picador, 1952
Partially glazed ceramic plate

Picasso, Yan Pitcher, 1952

Yan Pitcher, 1952
Original turned pitcher of red earthenware clay

Visage, 1955
Ceramic Pitcher

Picasso Ceramic Signed, Jacqueline\'s Profile, 1956, AR. 383

Jacqueline's Profile, 1956

Picasso Ceramic Signed, Face and Owl, 1958, AR. 407

Face and Owl, 1958
Engraved under partial brushed glaze, White earthenware vase

Picasso, Bearded Yan, 1963

Bearded Yan, 1963
Red earthenware clay turned ceramic pitcher

Oiseau No. 86, 1963
Ceramic Plate

Visage No. 202, 1963

Picasso Ceramic Signed, Femme au Chapeau a Fleurs,  Woman with Flowery Hat, 1964

Original red earthenware clay rectangular plaque

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